The Meadow by Eliel Fionn

An old man wanders into a small village seeking a beautiful place to dwell. A little boy takes him by the hand and leads him to The Meadow. There they lie down in the grass, close their eyes, and the old man begins to tell his stories. The little boy is enthralled as exciting tales of the old man’s adventures around the world unfold…

This beautiful 9″ x 11″ hard cover book, written by the gifted author, Eliel Fionn, is a wonderful, original children’s classic. I was honored to be chosen to illustrate this wonderful work and look forward to illustrating more of her stories! With seventeen full page color illustrations, you will enjoy many hours of enchantment as you read this story and discover many layers of the wonder of life.

If you would like me to autograph your book, please make a note at checkout whose name you would like it addressed to.

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