Thank You For Sheltering Me


Thank You For Sheltering me

Great Spirit, my Creator-
Who knows my every pain,
Who hears my every prayer-
Be my peace. Be my shelter. Be my rock.

When my world is crumbling and my feet no longer stand,
When my heart is scattered wide in pieces on the sand,
When there is no turning back in choices I have made-
I will rush unto your river,
I will plunge into your waters ‘til I drown within its muddy pools
and rise up clear and clean.

Great Spirit, My Creator-
Who knows my every weakness,
Who loves me still the same-
Be my rock. Be my shelter. Be my peace.

When at last I find my tears and feel the buried pain,
When I raise my weary head and see what I have gained,
When I look into my heart and find the treasure there-
I will fling the gates wide open,
I’ll unleash this weary traveler,
I’ll bare my soul, and naked,
lie in trust that you are there.

Great Spirit, my Creator-
Be my rock. Be my shelter. Be my rest.


Poetry by Nancy Bright © 1998