Coloring Books

The designs in these engaging coloring books are the actual drawings that my paintings began with. Exquisitely and intricately detailed, they are meant for all ages and are sure to provide hours of relaxing, meditative enjoyment.

If you are worried about “messing up” the pristine pages, there is a little note on the back of the coloring books indicating that you may copy the pages for your own, lasting coloring enjoyment. That way, you can “practice” first, until you get the color combos you desire for your finished work of art! Incidentally, in case you don’t know this already, there is no way one can “mess up” in coloring. Coloring is meant to induce pleasure & relaxation, not stress- so don’t worry, just enjoy the process and the moment.

Bound at the top with a black plastic coil to accommodate “lefties” & “righties” alike, these coloring books are printed on sturdy recycled content paper for use with colored pencils, felt markers, crayons and other “dry” media.

Sizes: Rectangular 11″x 14″, Square 11″x 11″